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We offer a range of water heating products for almost any application. We are home owners and we run a business too. We know that a home or business without hot water is not an option. From a single shower home to a multi-room hotel. Whether you require a new installation, speedy replacement system or just want to upgrade your old equipment. We can supply, install and maintain the products you need to keep everyone happy and the hot water flowing. We offer purchase, rental and financing plans.


Reasons to upgrade your old water heater
  • Your existing tank is more than 08 years old and is starting to fail and require frequent repair
  • The quality of your tap water has gone down
  • You would like to free up floor space with something smaller
  • You would like to lower your carbon footprint with something more efficient
  • You frequently run out of hot water
  • You would like to preemptively change your system to avoid any inconvenience or down time due to aging tanks

Let’s Look at Tankless Water Heaters.

Benefits of a tankless water heater

Let’s first think about how we typically store hot water in our homes or business. We use large 40-60 gallon tanks that sit in our basements preheating water and having it ready to use when we turn on a tap. Sounds good right? Well this is a huge waist of energy. No matter what you do during the day, that water tank is going to maintain the temperature of the water inside using energy. Every time the tank is used, cold water is dumped back into the tank causing the heating cycle to engage again. If the tank is drained, a lot of time more energy is used to reheat the entire tank and no hot water will be available to use during this time.

We fulfill warranty requirements, troubleshoot, and protect your ongoing satisfaction. For all of your water heating needs, AMS provides prompt response, skilled workmanship, and sustainable solutions across Rockville, MD, Potomac, MD, Silver Spring, MD, Bethesda, MD, Germantown, MD, Washington, DC.

Tankless Water Heaters, Repair, Service & Installation

A tankless water heater is also known as an on demand or instantaneous water heater, because the system heats water only when you need it. There are many benefits to this style of water heating, and by specializing in only quality products and skilled workmanship, AMS makes sure you take advantage of the best of everything.

Enjoy the benefits of Tankless Water Heating!

Some of the many rewards of tankless water heater installation include:

  • =Save on energy and utility costs with electronic ignition
  • =Further cuts costs by eliminating the need to continually reheat water
  • =Increase the value of your home
  • =Multiple sizes allows customization to your specific requirements
  • =In the event of a repair need, it’s simple to replace parts rather than the entire system
  • =No fear of flooding from a ruptured tank
  • =Compact size allows for flexible installation and space savings
  • =Compact size allows for flexible installation and space savings
  • =Lifespans are up to twice as long as a traditional tank
  • =Lower CO2 emissions protect our environment
  • =No waiting for water to heat up
  • =No standby energy losses
  • =An endless supply of hot water as needed
  • =Because water isn’t sitting in a tank, absorbing harmful minerals and contaminants, it’s clean and fresh

For Experts in Water Heaters & Tankless Heaters, Call AMS Today!

For more information about tankless water heaters, call AMS at (240) 899-5777 and speak to a helpful representative of our staff. We are always happy to explain benefits and options, set up a convenient time for consultation, and handle any type of water heating challenge.

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